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Happy Tuesday!

As you all know it’s Endometriosis Awareness Month at the moment. It’s also Endometriosis Awareness Week here in the UK. For me it’s all about sharing my story and adding my voice to the endometriosis community so that if there is just one person out there who has had a similar experience, they will feel just a little less alone. The online community for endometriosis has without a doubt been a game-changer for helping me to cope with and manage my disease. Another Endosister sharing her story in the hope of making others feel less alone is Wendy England. You may know her already through her Instagram account @endoeducation.

Wendy’s account was actually one of the very first accounts that I followed after creating MindBodyEndo, and from day one it has been an amazing source of support. Wendy has been though so much herself and it takes a lot of courage for any one of us to share our story. Endo Education has not only allowed Wendy to share her experiences but has also provided other women like myself with a safe space to share their own. Not everyone is comfortable with sharing, and that’s okay too. But the more people who raise their voice, the harder it will be to ignore us.

Not only has Wendy created Endo Education but she has also now created Project Patchwork. This is a wonderful new platform designed to help raise awareness and support for any women suffering from a hidden health condition. Many of us with endometriosis unfortunately live with any number of other conditions, from adenomyosis to fibromyalgia and beyond. If you’ve visited my blog before and read this post you will know that I also suffer with anxiety. It can be incredibly debilitating but because it doesn’t show physical symptoms many do just not understand how much it can affect everyday life. I don’t know about you but personally I think a panic attack can be quite physical! Being able to talk to someone who is going through a similar thing can make the world of difference . Knowing that I’m not the only one going round and round..and round in circles in my head and catastrophising the most random thoughts helps to make me feel a little less crazy. Because whilst people don’t like saying it, there is still too much stigma around women’s and mental health issues. Put the two together and people just don’t know what to do with you.

project patchwork
Via www.theprojectpatchwork.com

So, if you are looking for some support whether that be someone to talk to or more information about your condition please go and check out Project Patchwork. You may have heard these words before but they are so very true, you are not alone. Yes, I know we can all still feel lonely as hell sometimes and it can feel like there is no getting around it. One thing I have learned though from this community is that when someone tells you they are only a message away, they actually mean it. Even if it is just to offer a kind word, they will be there. And that is pretty damn special if you ask me.

If you take one action after reading this post, please let it be watching the beautiful video on the Project Patchwork Kickstarter page. At the very least you will identify with her experiences, but if you feel inspired please do support and share to help raise awareness of this wonderful project so that more women can access resources to empower them and make life a little easier.

Sending out all the happy vibes for the rest of your week,

Amelia xo

Project Patchwork website: www.theprojectpatchwork.com


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