My Top Podcasts – Part 1

Happy Hump Day From Oz!

I have been listening to podcasts for years now to help me sleep at night. In the last couple of years I have been turning to them to help me out in other areas of life too. They are great to listen to when I’m on the tube, going for a walk or even when I’m washing the dishes. I thought it may be useful to share which ones I listen to in case you’re in need a bit of headspace and time to yourself this festive season. It’s definitely one strategy I use to help tune out from life for a while.

I was going to make this a ‘Top 10’ list but when I was going through my podcast subcriptions I was just never going to be able to narrow it down! So instead I’m going to break this post up into two parts so I don’t bombard you all at once. They have all been linked below so check them out and let me know what you think. I am also always on the look out for new ones to listen to so please leave a comment below or DM me on Instagram if you have any recommendations!

Happy listening!

Amelia xo



Hamish and Andy podcast

Hamish & Andy

This listed is in any particular order, but these guys were always going to be first! I have listened to their radio show for years and it was the very first podcast I started listening to. I was devastated to hear they’re ending their show but SO happy to hear they will be continuing with a podcast in 2018. If you’re not sure who I am talking about, they are a couple of Australian funny guys who have the best radio show where they did the most ridiculous, funny things. Now matter how low I was, listening to these two never failed to make me laugh.


guilty feminist podcast

the guilty feminist

I LOVE this podcast and if you haven’t listened to it before then I’m throwing down the challenge now. You might look at the list of episodes and think some of them might not apply to you, or it’s not really something you feel like listening to at the time, but every single episode is so relevant to all of us. Deborah Frances-White, a comedian amongst many other equally as important things, speaks to various different people at live shows about important topics that can sometimes be hard to talk about, or desperately need more awareness. A couple of recent favourites for me have been about female friendships, and getting older (a genuine fear of mine). I laugh my pants off every episode, even if I’m in public.

lena Dunham podcast

women of the hour with lena dunham

If you have endometriosis, or a TV, you will know Lena Dunham. This podcast is broken down into seasons, of which there have been two so far. Each episode focuses on a particular theme which tends to be something in life which many women either struggle with, or come across during their life. Lena talks with amazing women about topics ranging from love & sex, to work and reproductive rights. I love the raw honesty in these podcasts and find myself feeling so empowered after each one. Definitely give this one a listen if you’re looking to hear from strong, inspiration women.

stuff you should know podcast

stuff you should know

This is one of bedtime podcasts that I listen to when I’m falling asleep. Sounds counterintuitive I know, but for years now I always have to have something going to help me nod off. I need easy listening to help my distract my brain and trick it into switching off. The guys who make this podcast are expert researchers and have every single topic you could think of in depth. A personal favourite is the Secret Service episode, but they have covered everything from head transplants to super volcanoes over the years!

no such thing as fish QI podcast

no such thing as fish

This is my other bedtime podcast which I use to help me drift off. This podcast features the researchers behind the TV show ‘QI’, also know as the ‘QI Elves’. Each week they share their favourite facts, of which there are many! Every time I listen to it I hope that at least on of these facts will seep into my brain while I’m sleeping because you just know they will come in handy during a pub quiz! I feel like I don’t even need to watch the show now. They end up going down these rabbit holes of random facts about the most random topics – I really should listen while I’m awake.


talking tastebuds podcast

talking tastebuds

In this podcast Venetia Falconer interviews a wide variety of influencers on the health and wellness scene. They include the likes of Hello Fresh founder Patrick Drake, Hazel Wallace who is the brains behind The Food Medic, along with a number of personal trainers and fitness experts such as Carly Rowena and Shona Vertue. With each new episode I am bound to learn something new. It might be a style of training I haven’t tried before, or ways in which nutrition can impact my health. Venetia also gives a great insight into the people behind the businesses and it is so motivational!

whey box podcast

the whey box podcast

This is series is a new one on the scene but I’m kinda loving it already. To be honest, I wouldn’t normal go for something produced by a brand like this. I often make the (incorrect) assumption they will be trying to sell something. Not these guys though. These podcasts are interviews by Tally Rye, a multi-talented fitness Instagrammer, and in the two episodes realised so far I have absolutely loved her interviewing style. It is so warm and positive, making each one feel like a chat around the kitchen table. She has chatted with Alive Liveing and Dr. Rupy (of The Doctor’s Kitchen) and I have learned so much both. I am looking forward to seeing who she talks to next!


doctor's kitchen podcast

The Doctor’s kitchen

As I just mentioned The Doctor’s Kitchen I thought it was only right to mention his own podcast here! It’s another relatively new one, again in an interview format, but I have loved the guests he has had. If you don’t already follow his Instagram account, Dr. Rupy is a practising GP raising awareness of the important role of nutrition in the treatment and prevention of medical conditions. I really like Dr. Rupy’s educational style and how non-judgemental he is. It really is about educating people at every level, and in a way that means they will hopefully be able to apply the knowledge to their own lives.


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