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A few weeks ago after a endometriosis flare up I went to my GP as there were some new symptoms I wanted to get checked out (more on those another time). For the third time since being in London a GP told me I should go straight to A&E because they thought it was appendicitis. The first time this happened the GP actually ignored my wishes and sent me light and sirens to hospital, talk about embarrassing (and wasting NHS resources). The positive gained from this situation is that I now know I have the healthiest appendix going round #win. Probably more importantly, it also taught me the importance of standing up for yourself. So after reassuring my GP that I definitely wasn’t pregnant, she let me go home with a warning to my boyfriend (who doesn’t actually exist, thank you for the reminder) to take me into A&E should symptoms develop.

I was walking home from the GP and wondered who else this had happened to? Was it okay to talk about it with others? I know that may sound strange but let me explain. I have had the multiple surgeries, months of bleeding and pain, but I’m now at a point where for the most part, endometriosis and adenomyosis are just niggly little splinters and I am able to lead a full life. I feel so lucky to be in this place now, but up until recently I felt I had no right to share my experience because there are so many women out there who aren’t so lucky. I felt as though my own experience wasn’t ‘bad enough’ or that I had nothing to contribute. After dipping my toe in though, I see this community full of strong, supportive and all round incredible women who share the love with anyone who needs its and I can’t wait to be a part of it. The more people talking about their experience – in any area of life – the better.

I want to share not my endometriosis story, but my life experience. I know it can be easy to think that our diseases run our lives but we are not defined by any one part of us.

My extremely patient psychologist has helped me to find myself again (a story for another post!), corny as hell I know but it’s true. There are so many things I have learned to love again, including being able to find the positive moments however small, in each and every day. This may be a banging bowl of porridge or getting lost in a bookstore. It might be a pilates class that kicked my butt, or a phone call with my bestie. It could be as small as scrolling down my Facebook feed and seeing a funny meme..or better yet a Golden Retriever puppy sleeping on an air vent (honestly, go and Google this now and I’ll consider my job done).

On top of adding my voice to the collective, I want this blog to help others find their daily positive moments because I truly believe that my experiences both with physical and mental health challenges have enriched my life and taught me things that nothing else could.

Finally, we all belong in this crazy thing called life. We have full lives, we have highs and lows, we have fun, we laugh, we socialise. This might look different for each one of us and that’s okay.

Thank you for reading and please say hi!

Amelia xo


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